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Whether investing in Cryptocurrency, Diamonds or Precious Metals many investors are looking for alternative ways to secure their wealth and also capture unique investment opportunities. With decades of experience in precious metals investment and Diamond sales it was clear that an investment quality position in physical diamonds could benefit astute investors. CDM Exchange is uniquely positioned at the heart of enabling such investment for all investors.

Diamonds are an investor’s best friend!

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What we offer:

  1. Gem quality GIA Certified Clear Diamonds for investment.
    Clarity: FL to VS2 only
    Cut: Ideal to Good
    Color: D-J only
    Carat: 1 to 5 mostly but maybe larger
  1. Gem quality GIA Certified Colored Diamonds for investment

Why Invest in Diamonds and Why Now!

Diamonds have increasingly become more attractive as an investment vehicle for wealth and value preservation. Similar to Gold and Silver after 2011 Diamonds price indices have shown a great value buying opportunity.


It is always prudent to be diversified and committing a portion of your portfolio to Diamonds provides a solid tangible alternative asset.


In times of crisis or in time of high mobility, diamonds could be one of the easiest assets to transport a high concentration of wealth in an extremely small area.

Wealth Preservation

Diamonds have been used for thousands of years and are one of the oldest methods that humans can use to transfer, preserve and grow their long term wealth.

The Easy Way™:

At anytime prior, during or after your transaction you can call CDM Exchange at (323) 271-4466 and directly speak to your dedicated experienced portfolio manager. Your portfolio manager will work with you to answer any questions related to your CDM Exchange investments and transactions. You will be presented with a list of Diamonds to choose from based on your particular needs and requests.

Step 1:

Decide on the Size of Investment : Before you send fund to CDM Exchange be sure you speak to one of our representatives. You can pay using a wire transfer (click here for wiring instructions), check or credit card.

 Step 2: Call CDM Exchange to complete your transaction and account agreement

  1. For direct investing: Once your funds are cleared. One of our experienced portfolio managers will call you to confirm your transaction.
  2. If using a Self Storage IRA please click here to complete the necessary forms or call (323) 271-4466. One of our experienced portfolio managers will call you to confirm your transaction.
  3. Complete your CDM Exchange Account Agreement.

 Step 3: Upon confirmation of your transaction and receipt of your signed account agreement, the CDM Exchange fulfillment team will deliver your Diamonds via insured courier. The courier may vary depending on our fulfillment queue.

Comprehensive Exit Program™

We offer a Comprehensive Exit Program™ for all products previously purchased from CDM Exchange as long as the product has not been tempered with. Diamonds sold to our clients will be encapsulated and air sealed with their GIA certification. While it is our intention to continuously provide a Comprehensive Exit Program™, this program is a business practice and policy and not a guarantee. *Restrictions apply

Product Catalog

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