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Option 1: Cryptocurrency delivered to your home or valid address. Option 2: Invest in cryptocurrency using an existing retirement plan. Option 3: Maximum control with a Self Storage IRA.

What Cryptocurrencies Are Available

There are over 1600 different cryptocurrencies with new ones popping up every day. Largest market caps:

Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH, Litecoin LTC, Ripple XRP

The Easy Way™

Option 1: Cryptocurrency delivered to your home or valid address. Option 2: Invest in cryptocurrency using an existing retirement plan. Option 3: Maximum control with a Self Storage IRA.

What Crypto currencies Are Available

There are over 1600 different cryptocurrencies with new ones popping up every day. Largest market caps:

Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH, Litecoin LTC, Ripple XRP

CDM Exchange provides an easy, simple way for clients to participate in what may be one of the most important and fastest moving technologies of our lifetime. Let our experienced representatives show you just how easy Bitcoin can be! Not only can we simplify this complex process in terms you can understand, but our straightforward model is built for everyone: from clients that may be hesitant to embrace new technology to the most sophisticated investor in the space. CDM makes sure that your cryptocurrency investments are acquired in real time and delivered to you directly in the industry’s most secure transfer process. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity! Call CDM Exchange today and ask to learn more.

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The Basics

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is anonymous digital money that can be used to buy goods and services all over the world. It came about as a direct result of the 2008 financial crisis because of the role that paper money, central banks, and central bankers had to play in the collapse of the economy.

It is digital, has a fixed supply and is free from government manipulation.

Much like traditional money, your Bitcoin is held in a digital wallet very similar to your current online banking. Bitcoin are spread through a P2P network not “printed” created out of thin air.

Transactions are fast, extremely affordable, secure, are 100% transparent and open for everyone all over the world through the blockchain ledger system.

Bitcoin “miners” are rewarded small fractions of a Bitcoin for verifying these transactions and are themselves spread all over the world. This makes Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies impossible to regulate and eliminates the need for a third party audit or such as a bank or government to verify the authenticity of the money that is being used.

Bitcoin is traded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and its value moves up and down much like any other currency.

What is Bitcoin IRA?

A Bitcoin IRA, is an IRS approved(*) Self Directed Independent Retirement Account which allows you to own actual Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in your qualified retirement vehicle rather than just stock or traditional investments.

Qualified retirement accounts can include: 401K, 403B, Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, SEP IRA, TSP, 457 Plan, and may include other plans such as annuities and pensions. Some accounts may not qualify.

The value of your Bitcoin IRA will fluctuate with the price of Bitcoin.

Just like Bitcoin purchased outside of a retirement plan, your Bitcoin are held in your personal digital wallet which you can access on your phone or computer at any time.

You can convert your Bitcoin back to dollars at any time with a phone call.

What is a Self Directed IRA?

An IRA, or an Individual Retirement Arrangement, is a tax-advantaged savings account that allows investors to save and invest for retirement. Investors can choose from several different IRA account types to find the arrangement that best serves their individual retirement goals. Source

“Self-directed” is a descriptive term used to distinguish any IRA that holds alternative assets, or assets that lie outside of the publicly-traded securities market. Any retirement account can be self-directed, as long as the account is held by a self-directed IRA provider. Source

Are there other cryptocurrencies?

Are there other crypto currencies?

There are thousands of different cryptocurrencies with new ones popping up every day.

The main 3 and most accepted are Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.

There are some slight differences between the three but Bitcoin is by far the most popular.

Can I own other cryptocurrencies?

Can I own other crypto currencies?

Yes! We are there to help you. Call now to learn more: (323) 271-4466

Easy Bitcoin IRA™

“Bitcoin is built on an amazing technology. There’s a limited supply of it, people are trusting it,” he said. “Remember, this whole revolution came out of a breakdown in trust, it came out of the ’08 financial crisis where people say, ‘We no longer trust financial institutions, we no longer trust governments.’”Bitcoin is ‘digital gold”. (Mike Novagratz, CNBC, 11.27.17)

For the customer that may be intimidated by the idea of controlling an investment themselves, CDM’s Easy Bitcoin IRA program assists clients in owning Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies within a qualified retirement account plan. Our convenient platform helps streamline the process for the client’s piece of mind while providing constant access to the value of your investment. Here’s how it works:



Please Call your representative to see if you qualify for a self directed IRA. We require a $25,000.00 minimum for all IRA purchases. There is no maximum. If you are thinking of using funds outside of an IRA or 401k, We can help you. Call now : (323) 271-4466

You can also immediately complete your online IRA application by clicking here. We are a phone call away, feel free to call us anytime before, during or after completing your application.



Once you have chosen your new custodian and completed the necessary paperwork, your funds will arrive in your new IRA account typically within 7-10 days(*). Take this time to call your current custodian to make sure that the transfer is in process as well as watch informative videos under our “WHY INVEST” section. If you need help at any time, please call your Account Executive at (323) 271-4466.



Your order is confirmed on our recorded line for accuracy and your protection. Your new Cryptocurrency investment is immediately delivered to the custodian and will arrive in your digital wallet after being verified on the blockchain (usually around 72 hours*). The assets themselves are held in cold storage by the custodian which ensure that your investments are impenetrable to hacking.

After the Easy Bitcoin IRA process is complete, your new retirement account will function as any standard retirement plan and you will begin receiving quarterly statements that reflect the value of the new account. You may access your account online at any time.

Bitcoin For Delivery™

“We’ve always felt that Bitcoin, given its properties, is gold 2.0… Gold is scarce, Bitcoin is actually fixed. Bitcoin is way more portable and way more divisible. At a $300 bln market cap, it’s certainly seen a lot of price appreciation, but gold is at $6 tln and if Bitcoin disrupting gold is true and it plays out … then you can see 10 to 20 times appreciation …..”(Cameron Winkelvoss, CNBC, 12.08.17)



CDM exchange can help clients secure the digital currency of their choosing. Many cryptocurrencies are supported. Call today to learn more!



At CDM Exchange you have the ability to invest based on your particular needs. Certain minimum investment amounts do apply. Ask your Account Executive if your purchase may qualify.



CDM makes the acquisition process simple, secure and transparent. After funding your account, determining the amount to invest and the currency of your choosing, clients are able to protect the price and quantity of their cryptocurrency investment. The investment is then securely delivered to you via a secure device. Numerous security levels do apply and this device requires PIN code to unlock (this is a number of the client’s choosing).



Once transferred, a client’s device is packaged, fully insured and shipped to a valid delivery address. Online access is provided in order to view the investment value at any time. After receiving the secure device, your account executive will walk you through the process of viewing and accessing your investment.



Upon request, you can send your cryptocurrency or the actual device back to CDM Exchange for liquidation. CDM Exchange recommends that you consider this investment as a long term investment and that you hold on to it between 3 to 5 years or longer but is happy to accommodate client wishes. Certain fees apply.

Self Storage IRA

Maximum Trust. Maximum Control. Call Today To Learn About CDM’s Self Storage IRA Options!

For the experienced investor that wishes to have maximum control over their finances and opportunities, CDM Exchange is proud to offer Self Storage retirement choices for both cryptocurrency and physical precious metals. After completing the necessary documentation by clicking here, you will have the ability to physically hold your purchase at the approved location of your choosing, allowing for maximum control of the investments in question. If you would like to know more about your own specific options for a Self Storage IRA, call us now.

Why Invest?

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Why is now the right time to invest in cryptocurrencies with CDM Exchange and what is the difference between cryptocurrencies and government based currencies?


As an asset, Bitcoin has no correlation with traditional investments such as stocks, bonds, and real estate. This allows for you as an investor to capture opportunities that would otherwise not be available within the normal scope of your portfolio. Kevin Lu, hedge fund manager, writing for Seeking alpha writes “There are extremely few assets that are this uncorrelated with other assets and that makes bitcoin extremely desirable from a portfolio construction perspective. Bitcoin is uniquely positioned to hedge against geopolitical risks but remain unaffected by the macroeconomic factors that drive other store of value assets”


Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have provided an unprecedented growth opportunity for the investor. Past performance is not an indicator of future results*. Until recently, there has not been an IRS approved method for investing in bitcoin with an existing retirement account. Bitcoin itself has risen roughly 16000% since its creation with litecoin and ethereum increasing over 5000% each this year alone. Many investors feel that they are missing out.

Great news! You can now use an existing IRA or other qualified plan to secure a position in cryptocurrency. Volatility is extremely high however and therefore recommend that no more than 5-10% of an overall portfolio invested into cryptocurrency.

The Ground Floor for Innovation

Much as the evolution of the internet and technology have totally transformed every single aspect of our daily life, so should bitcoin and blockchain technology redefine and reshape almost every aspect of finance and business application as we know it. The scope and power of this may not pay out for many years to come, but this will give rise to new technology that we have never seen before. This means, among other things, that to a sharp investor, the benefit of a long term position in cryptocurrency can not be overstated.

Wealth Preservation

As opposed to all government based currencies, which can be printed arbitrarily, bitcoins are finite. There is a limited amount being created and once that amount 21,000,000 bitcoins are created there will be no more created. This is important because this takes away government ability to dilute our monies. The United States Dollar Lost over 93% of its purchasing power since 1933. The United States Federal Reserve allowed over 5 Trillion US Dollars to be added to the money supply. Investing in cryptocurrencies may present a great potentially of helping investors to hedge against dollar devaluation and inflation.

Financial Independence and Global Reach

Money, in general, is nothing more than a system of accounting. It is a way to record who owns what, who owes what, and what taxes or fees are due. The ultimate goal of cryptocurrency is to eliminate the need for a third party such as a bank or government from having to authenticate the value of the money. This in turn will lower the fees associated with having to use those institutions as a third party and, in theory, remove the aspect of inflation from the money supply. Owning a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and others, allows the owner to not only carry their wealth with them at all points in time, but also to transfer that wealth all over the world for fractions of the typical cost and without the need of a bank. This means the 4 billion people without access to a bank or system of exchange can now interact with the global marketplace like never before.

The rise of Bitcoin was predicted by Nobel Prize winning economist Milton Friedman in an interview recorded in 1999…

Bitcoin would not launch until 2009!

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