Compliance: CDM Exchange is currently a retailer of Diamonds, and Precious Metals. We are not an “Exchange” as defined by the SEC, we do not offer securities, or assets that are classified by the SEC as securities. CDM Exchange is not an “online trading platform”.
CDM Exchange:

  1. Has an AML/KYC policy that required persons looking to buy cryptocurrency to provide all necessary documentation by FinCen and by all Exchanges we buy from. As required by all Exchanges that we work with, CDM Exchange undergoes an in-depth application process which includes providing all legal documentation, registrations and policies
  2. Continues to follow the fast pace of regulatory changes in our industry. And will continue to monitor and comply with applicable compliance and regulatory changes.
  3. Has reached out to the SEC to determine whether a need for registration or exemption is required. If required CDM Exchange is committed to file necessary documentation with the appropriate agency to continue being compliant.
  4. Is an active member of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA)
  5. Sells only GIA laser inscribed diamonds to ensure quality of each gem quality investment diamond
  6. We do not sell Cryptocurrency.

For compliance questions or inquiries regarding CDM Exchange please email us